December '07

Heavy rain at the beginning of the month saturated the fields, which had benefited from an unusually dry, warm autumn. In the second week, high pressure took control, and we enjoyed a long spell of dry, sunny but cold weather. On some days, the frost barely thawed before setting in again as dusk approached. These are glorious days to be out and about on the farm.

The 75 new ewe lambs were regularly getting caught in brambles. As the ground was dry and hard we were able to get these very brambly hedges cut. Sheep and cattle alike seem to thrive on cold, still days – wind and wet are much more enervating for them.

There is something particularly uplifting about going around the cows, sheep and chickens on Christmas Day. They look after us, giving the family beef, eggs and lamb, so it is a joy to look after them.

We look forward to all the challenges of farming in 2008.