April '08

This is normally our lambing month, but we sold the breeding flock to a neighbouring organic farmer, who also takes some of our grazing. He has a large mountain flock to lamb, and the cold weather wasn’t kind to our rather ‘softer’ ewes, but he still did well. Three lots of triplets are all thriving. They returned to the farm in the middle of the month and are helping clean up around the grazier’s cattle, twenty or so of which arrived at the end of the month.

Our small flock of old faithful ewes and last year’s ewe lambs were not put to the ram; but he got to one anyway! The consequence of this was one rather lonely but bonny ram lamb. He entertains himself by chasing chickens round the field!

The new hens discovering grass

The poultry flock has grown in size with the arrival of two dozen black rocks. They have adapted quickly to their outdoor environment, having lived for 16 weeks indoors. They have started to lay well, although some days the egg tally does seem strangely low. We need to check out the long grass for nests…
Snow on the hills

After a cold start to the month, with snow on the hills, the grass is beginning to grow. This has meant that the cattle are showing little interest in the remaining hay bails, which is lucky as we only have one bail left! In preparation for the 2008 hay crop, we have been harrowing and rolling two fields.

The chain-harrow and roller

In the vegetable garden, we have planted up freshly cleared ground with onions, lettuces and cabbages. All the vegetables seemed to be thriving in the warm weather. That is – until a rogue rabbit discovered them.

Spot the rogue rabbit!