April '07

The first of the month was a beautiful, clear morning, with a chilly north-easterly wind; we had today down as the first day of lambing, but in fact we are now more than half way through. One of our best ewes, which we call quad bike after her three sets of quads, prolapsed, not a pretty sight and not easy to get back in. Finally she lambed: the first large black lamb came backwards, and died after about an hour; the second was much stronger; at about ten pm, we pulled the third, which was weak. These facts disguise an evening of horror, with started when we tried to walk ‘quad bike’ to the barn, but she started having contractions and collapsed outside the back door, impossible to move. It looked likely that her lambs would be delivered there, but happily I got her up and walked her to the barn, where I had made a pen with hurdles and rush hay. In two days quad bike was back to her usual inquisitive, spirited self and her lamb was thriving.