November '07

75 Welsh organic mountain ewe lambs arrived to take advantage of three of our relatively grassy, well-drained fields. They are too young to know that you don’t push yourself into the hedge where there are brambles, or you get caught! They then have to wait until a terrifying, two-legged animal comes and gets them out. They are learning fast, and a spot of bramble cutting has also helped reduce the problem.

A bull arrived during the month to help us build up the herd. On loan from another organic farmer, Luke is a magnificent beast. The cattle are happily chomping away on the lovely, sweet smelling haylage, and the calves have a special creep area where they can feed in peace. The chickens have finally stopped laying, and a few ewes and ewe lambs which have not been put to the ram share the field with them. Next summer, the field could have a different ‘crop’, campers!

A shower, washbasin and toilet have been installed in an outbuilding, so that we can accommodate campers, and we have sent our details to the Caravanning and Camping Club, for inclusion in their sites catalogue. That’s the plan for next year. For now all is quiet, except for occasional thumping and banging, as the cows fraternise with the bull.