Tyddyn Adda

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Self Reliance

John Seymour, the guru of self-sufficiency, explained the value of self-reliance and the virtue of drawing the staples of life from the land better than we can. Ultimately, as the climate warms up and consumer society collapses under its own weight, these values are likely to become a matter of survival.

There are tremendous satisfactions in being self-reliant and developing the skills to feed and clothe ourselves and keep warm and dry. But just about everything in this ‘big is beautiful’ society of ours is against the individual. The restrictions and bureaucracy you will face are barely credible; they have grown like topsy over the decades, and often defy logic. It is still advisable to observe them as best you can, and wait in hope if not expectation for the time when common sense prevails.

In a few years, it may be time to hand over the farm to another young family. In the meantime, we would like to pass on some tips about farming for wildlife in a virtuous circle; and offer our services and livestock to anyone interested.

Self sufficient in meat


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