Tyddyn Adda

Organic Farm

The wonders of Organics


When we arrived at Tyddyn Adda, there were over 60 cattle and a flock of sheep on the farm, and it had been heavily fertilised. Our first major change was to stop the application of any artificial fertilisers. These destroy the life of the soil, pollute watercourses and contribute to greenhouse gas emissions. Organic farming depends on the natural cycle by which plants convert solar radiation into food, in our case mainly the grass which feeds our livestock.

An organic inspector inspect the crops





We took the formal step of gaining Soil Association certification as an organic farm seven years ago. Our schedule allows us to produce organic lamb and beef, wool and eggs, top and soft fruit and a variety of vegetables. The food we produce is wonderfully tasty and healthy, and the way we produce it allows nature to flourish.






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